Letters to the Editor

Clint Olivier’s ‘empty promises’

The informative article in The Bee on March 17 prompted me to write about Clint Olivier and his empty promises.

In 2012, I contacted him about the city-owned sidewalk and curb that divides the entry onto the parking area of my building. The damaged sidewalk and curb were repaired improperly by dumping blacktop onto the sidewalk.

When entering the parking area, drivers regularly go over the sidewalk and curb, entering with difficulty. They have sustained damage to the undersides of their vehicles.

After inspecting the damage personally, Mr. Olivier and his assistant agreed that something should be done. He stated that the repair would require a short section of city-owned sidewalk to be replaced.

In the years that followed, I contacted Mr. Olivier at least five times and also sent him and City Manager Bruce Rudd photos of the problem area. He stated again that the problem would be resolved by him and Mr. Rudd.

To date, nothing has been done. How can Mr. Olivier run for Assembly District 31 and be trusted to do a good job?

Louis A. Gomez, Fresno