Letters to the Editor

Truth is not absolute

Stewart Hough’s letter (March 9) fails to define its terms or to account for modern science.

Absolute truth must hold always and everywhere without exception or it isn’t absolute. Truth must correspond to the actual state of affairs or it isn’t truth. So consider this carefully.

Modern advances in the scientific understanding of physical reality reveal a strangeness at the core of existence where truth is probable; where particles behave like waves and waves like particles and uncertainty prevents measuring this duality exactly; where particles can tangle then travel apart but still interact across the intervening void instantaneously in such a way that cause becomes effect and vice-versa; and where particles can exist in two places at once in violation of the logical principle of non-contradiction.

Moreover, advanced experiments routinely confirm that quantum behaviors pervade the universe at all scales.

These facts show that the cosmos is fundamentally chaotic and that absolute truth lacks basis in physical reality. Therefore, absolute truth only exists as an imaginary pretense which some people, typically those convinced of the superiority of their convictions, too often use to condone discrimination against people with different worldviews. Such discrimination is the real danger.

Mike Caetano, Fresno