Letters to the Editor

Put Trump under a microscope

In response to the letter “Trump is the right man for the job” (Gene Warner, March 10): As many people are jumping on this Trump wagon, it appears that more of them are not looking before they leap. Americans are falling in love with him for being someone outside of the mess we call a political system, so they automatically take the leap with him.

But just because the system is failing does not mean that we can just throw someone new into the seat of running it. America needs to step back and evaluate the man they trying to make the most powerful in the world. Slogans like “Make America Great Again” sound just that – great. But where is his policy, his bipartisanship, or his ability to communicate with foreign nations?

A newcomer may be nice to see in an era of huge debt and lack of trust of elected officials, but selecting the first newcomer to start making a ruckus on a stage may not be the best bet, especially when he has only shown us he can bully his way on a stage.

Kory Gilman, Fresno

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