Letters to the Editor

AB 1888 would harm religious colleges

While The Bee appears to be silent on the matter, readers might want to learn about the recently introduced Assembly Bill 1888. This bill would prohibit institutions from receiving Cal Grant funds beginning in 2017 if their hiring or enrollment is deemed to discriminate against sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Currently, religiously owned and operated universities have been able to obtain exemptions from Title IX, a federal law prohibiting institutions that receive federal financial aid from discrimination based on sex, whose scope has been broadened to include sexual orientation. AB 1888 explicitly prohibits these institutions from receiving such exemptions if they are to be eligible for Cal Grant monies.

Biola University, Loma Linda University, Pepperdine University and West Coast Christian College would be punished by AB 1888. These and other universities would be forced to abandon their historic positions on sexual ethics for their students to receive Cal Grants.

I suspect that many people see the irony here. A movement that prides itself as being on “the right side of history” is depending heavily on the coercive power of the state to bring about that history.

Christopher Rosik, Fresno