Letters to the Editor

You know you’re old when …

Staring at the microwave keypad on the Daylight Saving Time switch took me back a bit. I’m in my 50s now and can remember the blank expression on my parents’ faces the first time they had to deal with technologies that had crossed their line of abilities.

It has happened again and again for everyone once the Industrial Age began. At some point you get to be an age where things you once had no problem operating evolve beyond your level of capability. You could program the remote, open a computer file, make a phone call; your comfort level didn’t give you pause.

Eventually, however, everyone will pick up something just a bit too new and say “How do I do this, wait, what?” I knew I was going to have one of those moments one day, and finally it visited me.

I was fine with my old flip phone, but gave in to the need to upgrade to a smarty pants phone. After several minutes of staring I knew two things: I needed to ask my child how it worked and that someone needed to get off my lawn.

Mark Russell, Fresno