Letters to the Editor

Just ask Flat Earth Society

On March 15, Rich Berrett’s letter allowed that “Perhaps there are ‘absolute truths’ like the boiling point of water, the effects of gravity. ...”

Even apparently “objective” ideas once seen as absolute have later proven to be false (a flat Earth, for example). However, the boiling point of water may not be absolute in the workings of a reality that exists beyond our sensory ability to perceive it.

Then we have our “subjective realities” and the mother of them all, religion. which has existed for millennia due to the human desire for answers to whence we came, why we’re here, what happens to us after death and the really big one, does an all-powerful entity love us? Such a belief can eliminate the existential terror of living in an uncaring universe.

The belief that one’s “subjective reality” is right and others are wrong, though, has proven to be the impetus for chaos, destruction, torture and murder. Water on earth currently boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level. I so wish we would stop making up unsubstantiated versions of realities beyond the one we inhabit. It’s hard enough to get this one right; just ask the Flat Earth Society.

Harriette Wagner, Fresno