Letters to the Editor

Ignore the job numbers hype

I recently read about job growth and unemployment in Colorado. I won’t quote the numbers because I don’t know what they mean anymore.

Unemployment around or below 5 percent in years past would indicate good times. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, as we continue to struggle with wage growth, historically low job-participation rates, growing percentages of part-time and temporary jobs, and the exodus of manufacturing.

Facing up to the realities of today’s economic state seems beyond the reach of those that choose to hide behind meaningless statistics. When you read or hear the “facts,” take a moment to contemplate, or even dig to see what they mean, or maybe what they don’t mean. Don’t just swallow the hype. Maybe we all need to re-read “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Look it up.

David Bigelow, Fresno