Letters to the Editor

Tarnish on the Perea brand

The resignation of Henry T. Perea from the 31st Assembly District seat has had a negative impact on the Perea brand his father spent years creating. He broke an unspoken contract with the people in his district, by not completing his full term and takeing a lucrative lobbyist position with a rich corporation.

His voting record indicates that even prior to his resignation he was positioning himself for a job from one of the many corporations that back the so-called “Mods” – a group claiming to be Democrats but often voting with the Republicans. Now the taxpayers are stuck with the cost of the special election, an estimated cost of $500,000.

With $1 million in his campaign war chest, he should pay for the special election. His selfish resignation reinforces a growing cynicism among voters that their elected representatives do not serve the people, but rather the corporate special interests.

It will be interesting to see how Perea’s actions will impact his father’s bid for the mayor of Fresno.

Betty Newman, Fresno