Letters to the Editor

Ashjian focuses on wrong goal

It’s too bad for our children that the Fresno Unified School District Board of Trustees is indulging in infighting once again, just when its members should be united in supporting each other and the district’s programs. The ongoing federal investigation will wind its course and reveal something or nothing; whatever the outcome, it will be dealt with in due time.

Addressing the needs of our children has to remain the primary focus. Given that premise, now I understand why Fresno Unified trustee Brooke Ashjian is so combative with the district’s administration. In his own words quoted in The Bee, he (mistakenly) views his position as “political … a full contact sport.”

Too bad, because I thought his responsibility was to ensure a good education for our children. As a “trustee,” he should not forget that he has a “trust” to work in their behalf and not to waste time playing games where everyone loses.

Francine M. Farber, Fresno