Letters to the Editor

Clean power lights up the Valley

When you flip on a light switch, do you ever wonder where the energy to power your family’s daily life comes from?

For customers of Pacific Gas and Electric Co., the answer may surprise.

Today, nearly 30 percent of the electricity that comes to your home or work comes from clean and renewable resources. Power from the sun, the wind, water and even wood or dairy waste are all considered renewable.

In California, investor-owned utilities including PG&E are required by state law to increase purchases of renewable energy to 33 percent by the end of 2020, and a new law signed by Gov. Brown in October boosts that ambitious goal to 50 percent by 2030.

We believe that we will not only meet, but exceed these goals.

And our commitment to clean energy goes beyond projects counted by the state. We’ve connected 215,000 residential solar customers to the grid. In the Central Valley, PG&E buys eligible solar power from several local projects and also produces clean hydropower along the Kings and San Joaquin Rivers.

So, the next time you light up your home, you can smile knowing much of the electricity you are using comes from clean sources.

Marlene Murphy-Roach, PG&E senior manager, Fresno