Letters to the Editor

More fitting to quote Socrates

A recent criticism of Unitarian Universalist Minister Tim Kutzmark’s “subjective reality” contends that belief in reason, while rejecting absolute truth is a logical fallacy. While “any” statement” made with conviction may be viewed as absolute, therefore posing contradiction to another, we are rational beings free to pursue and examine these “contradictions.”

Many religions lay claim to “absolute truth” with no basis in fact or reason; only “faith.”

Rather than citing Aristotle’s Law of Non-contradiction, a more fitting adage from his predecessor, Socrates, would be in order. “One thing I know is that I know nothing.”

This acknowledgment of our limitations encourages Socratic inquiry and continuous pursuit of knowledge. In order to “know thyself” and the world that surrounds us, reflection and rejection of incontrovertible “absolutes” are essential.

While my statements may also be viewed as “absolute,” I believe Rev. Kutzmark exemplifies a courageous, compassionate and non-judgmental pursuit. Syncretism does not cause chaos, but rather allows for tolerance, inclusiveness, compassion and love for our fellow man.

Paula Ann Costis, Fresno