Letters to the Editor

Fulton conversion ignores people’s needs

Here are the reasons why a street going through the Fulton Mall is a horrible idea:

▪  We’ve got a terrible pollution problem.

▪  There will be traffic jams, cars accidents and maybe even more deaths, like the deadly accident by Cornerstone Church three months ago.

▪ There are people in wheelchairs and walkers living at The Californian, Masten Towers and Silver Crest that use the Fulton Mall for its park setting. If the street goes in, they won’t have access to the Fulton Mall.

▪  Downtown will be a ghost town because the city can’t even take care of the roads already there.

▪  When this all began, there were three options: a curvy road, a straight road and no road at all. The city then eliminated option three altogether. The mayor and her group don’t live downtown, but I do. We can improve the Fulton Mall without putting a street through it.

Ramon L. Perez Jr., Fresno