Letters to the Editor

Open Fulton Mall sparks memories

Elvin Bell’s recent Valley Voices piece (March 4) brought back many memories. As a young woman in my 20s, I was employed by the Fresno Redevelopment Agency as a secretary in the early 1960s.

I remember the office excitement of a new downtown plan by Victor Gruen, who was designing the new Fulton Mall. Our office was very busy with people in and out, sketches and drawings covering the walls and desks, and everyone planning for this new adventure. Though there was controversy over this project, it was felt this would be a great benefit to downtown Fresno.

Through the years, it saddened me to see how much money was spent on this project, only to have it demolished. I’m sorry to see the results of this endeavor weren’t the greatest, but no one could have predicted the outcome.

Having the street open again will probably bring back many memories of “dragging the Main” in my teenage years. Fulton Street was the place to be on Saturday nights. It still provides many of Fresno’s older citizens with pleasant memories.

Diane Ray, Clovis