Letters to the Editor

Story wrongly cast blame on murder victim

On International Women’s Day, a tragedy took place in the murder of Xia Vang at the hands of her own husband. The Fresno Bee’s coverage on March 9 compounded this tragedy through its reporting of the incident from a lens of misogyny and victim blame.

The article portrayed the murderer as a devout, hardworking husband who murdered his wife because he could not face her infidelity. The choice to close the article with an interview from family members, who placed blame on the deceased, minimizes the crime itself – a woman was murdered by her own husband, whom she was attempting to divorce.

Framing the events that led to this crime so that blame is placed on the victim is a failure by The Fresno Bee. I find this appalling.

The article does nothing to create a dialogue that addresses domestic violence in our community; nor does the article’s tone support victims of domestic abuse who, as the tragedy points out, are at risk of losing their lives and in need of community support.

Last, the story failed to honor the memory of a mother of three, Xia Vang, who was slain on a day the globe chooses to honor women.

Anthony Cody, Fresno