Letters to the Editor

Pondering a Trump presidency

I’ve had it. I hope to God that Donald Trump will not be elected America’s president. He brags about buying his run for the presidency. If he can afford that, he can buy any trouble that befalls others.

He is the neighborhood bully, promising anything to those gullible enough to believe and who don’t mind a little collateral damage to get. He can say anything as long as as no one questions or interrupts his ranting. We see him favor some until they question him. Then the anointed one then gets the name-calling. Is this how we believe he can run this country? How far will his money and his mouth go then?

If he can make enemies of those who can be diplomatic when needed, he will be able to make enemies of our allies and others who normally work with us and support America. He is a catalyst for hatred and war. All who are foolish enough to believe in him will get what they deserve. I do not want to be around for the carnage.

Georgia Vercoe, Fresno