Letters to the Editor

Poochigian is right about fast food

Will Debbie Poochigian please run for mayor or even governor of California!

She seems to be the only one with common sense regarding the fast food meal plan for welfare recipients.

To say this program is funded by the state, federal governments and not Fresno County dollars is absurd.

We working-class taxpayers, are funding it. No wonder there’s an increase in child obesity and overweight adults.

Ms. Poochigian is right. Prepared food is much more expensive (and unhealthy) than cooking from scratch. I do support the program to assist the elderly and veterans but not the “unwilling to work citizens.”

How can anyone justify using food stamps instead of cooking, when you don’t work?

With the exception of the elderly and the veterans, this plan to waste the taxpayers hard earned money is insane!

Esperanza Morris, Fresno