Letters to the Editor

Sometimes it’s just about a meal

I would like to provide the perspective of a college student on the issue of purchasing fast food with welfare money. The Bee’s Marc Benjamin wrote an informational piece, “Fast food buys for some welfare recipients OK’d.” (March 2)

The article quotes Fresno County Supervisor Debbie Poochigian, “It’s not healthy and it’s a lot more expensive.”

As a Fresno City College student, sometimes my priority is not on the type of meal, but on simply having a meal. The stress and monetary limits that most college students have prevent us from cooking or simply shopping for groceries; the same can be said for these welfare recipients.

Although eating healthy is important, for many homeless or disabled individuals, eating healthy is not a priority. The many stresses and monetary limits that these individuals endure on a daily basis do not provide them with the luxury of having the essential tools to cook or store groceries. Simply having a meal that day is the priority for them.

Juan Manzano, Fresno