Letters to the Editor

Arambula is not the ‘best fit’

The Bee Editorial Board says that Dr. Joaquin Arambula is the “best fit” for Assembly District 31?

Well, under Democrats, we have the highest tax rates in the nation, unrestrained spending, crumbling infrastructure, failure to take adequate steps to address the drought, abandonment of the middle class, and taxpayers treated like an ATM. Another Democrat in Sacramento? Not needed!

Arambula skips a major debate but has time and money to attend carefully picked/scripted events with hopes to stroll in to office while avoiding public scrutiny of his positions and policies. I was a farm worker like my parents and grandparents. Being a grandson of farm workers does not equate to Arambula knowing all the challenges immigrants face. Arambula’s likeliest contact with farm work has been at the supermarket produce section.

As a voting Democrat, I support the best qualified candidate who won’t put party needs above those of our community. The word from the Arambula campaign is for Hispanics to support Arambula because he is Hispanic. Sorry, I don’t vote that way.

Competition is healthy and needed to deal with the monopolistic stranglehold of the Democratic Party. My vote is for Clint Olivier.

Jesse Rojas, Fresno