Letters to the Editor

Still have a long way to go

Phrases like “I’m proud to be an American” cause me to have a gut check. When it comes to talking the talk, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights stand at the top of human aspirations, But when it comes to walking the walk, America has been and still is crippled by racism and prejudice that permeates all aspects of our society, our government, law enforcement and courts.

By all statistical measurements of poverty, educational achievement, employment and incarceration to say that blacks have been disproportionally adversely affected would be a world class understatement. The key provisions of the Voting Rights Act that made it effective have been negated by the Supreme Court along with affirmative action. Desegregation of our schools has been completely abandoned. After more than 400 years of slavery and another 100 years of brutal repression the idea of reparations has never been much in the mix.

Driving while black is a life-threatening proposition. Just ask the black woman from Texas stopped for failing to signal a lane change and jailed for resisting arrest. Oh, I forgot, she’s dead!

Charles Milor, Fresno