Letters to the Editor

Trump’s hold on the ‘poorly educated’

“I love the poorly educated,” says Donald Trump after the Nevada win. He didn’t finish the statement by saying why he singled out this group. I’ll do it for him.

Many “poorly educated” are so, not for any fault of their own, but have been handicapped by poor schools, negligent parents, uneducated parents, lack of money, poor listening skills, etc. As a result, many of the skills needed in life such as critical thinking, the ability to discern right from wrong, the ability to listen and filter out the baloney, are poorly developed.

Hence, the Nigerian Prince, the too-good-to-be-true deal, the three-card Monte, the double-your-money investment, the “You Won the Sweepstakes” letter, and the used car salesman’s “trust me” all exist primarily because of this group.

So, why did Trump specifically praise his “poorly educated” followers? Duh!

Jim Corbo, Fresno