Letters to the Editor

Update Amtrak, scratch high-speed rail

At first I was in favor of high-speed rail, but after doing my research and looking into it, money is going into this project that I’m pretty sure California doesn’t have. The idea sounds good. You can travel across California faster and find more jobs, but now that the project is happening, it’s become a huge debate.

That’s expected when a huge projects happen. First, they tried to make a route from the Valley to Los Angeles, which sounds OK. But at $31 billion, it just appeared unrealistic. The California High-Speed Rail Authority then changed plans, going north to San Jose, which will cost $20 billion. Sure, that will save some money. But, like I said, we don’t really have it.

A cheaper and easier alternative would be to update Amtrak. Many people use the Amtrak, myself included, and many Californians would be happy if we improved the trains and rails instead of starting with a new project that could possibly send California to the ground.

Samantha Caldera, Fresno