Letters to the Editor

Kids should not totally ‘unplug’

In a tech-infused society, it is simply unrealistic to say that a complete “unplug” would be better for children. Although a balance between physical and virtual activity could be struck between a parent and child, the unplug stance ignores the benefits of digital training/recreation.

Exposure to nature and the outdoors is very important in a child’s development, but locking the door to our virtual world would only prove debilitating for the child.

While children should practice skills like letter writing and physical game theory, an understanding and practical knowledge of virtual resources, email, and software use are now necessary in most fields. When a child enters his or her first job interview, a retelling of how many bike rides the applicant took with family – unless accompanied by technology skills on the résumé – will not cut it.

So please, parents, practice moderation and try interacting with your child virtually. It’s going to be a big part of their reality.

Sarah Dick, Fresno