Letters to the Editor

Trump exposes and upsets political elite

No matter your ethnicity, party affiliation, religion or any other demographic used to amass data for a political poll, as an American voter, you’ve got to see Donald Trump’s run for president as positive.

That’s because he’s has exposed our political system for what it is. Trump’s candidacy has made it clear that if you’re not sitting quietly in the back seat of the political party car, they have little use for you. Voters’ negative attitudes regarding business-as-usual politics means little.

It’s this condescending, big-brother-knows-best attitude that I find disturbing – not Trump’s un-presidential language, his lack of policy detail or even the size of his hands.

The response to Trump’s campaign doesn’t seem like the usual, mundane dirty political tricks but more like the autocrats trying (desperately) to impose their political will on those of us not in the “one percent.”

Those in the front seat of the car tell us we are being conned by lies and demagoguery. I think they’re right. But from where I sit, it doesn’t look like Trump is the one spoiling the drive. And it sure doesn’t look like we’re on the road to democracy.

Michael G. Hayes, Fresno