Letters to the Editor

Don’t fall for Trump brainwashing

It is upsetting on how some people are getting brainwashed with Donald Trump’s campaigns. Trump does not know how to back up the questions he is asked with detailed information people want to hear.

People need to open their eyes see how Trump always goes straight to mocking the other candidates, making fun of disabled people, etc. The list can go on and on with all the nonsense he says.

Think about it, would we all really want Trump to be president? A “grown” man who acts like a child on stage? He is a showman whose companies have filed Chapter 11 bankruptcies four times. He is going to want to start a new war and take away people’s rights.

Trump said he will be “Making America Great Again.” No, he will “Make America a Nightmare!” Wake up America! You all know better than voting for a disaster.

Shirley Mondragon, Fresno