Letters to the Editor

‘Beautiful’ column about teaching

Thank you for Andrew Fiala’s beautiful column, “Teachers are core of our union,” which was printed in The Fresno Bee on March 5. I wish one would capsule it into a credo or motto and inject it into the unappreciative society.

In the late 1950s, my sister and I, alumnae of Fresno State, visited an old family friend in Detroit. It was a reunion with Hovagim Hovagimian, an educator and an author, with whom we experienced World War II atrocities in Germany.

After initial laughter and tears, he looked at us and very seriously asked, “Now tell me, what have you done with yourselves?” My sister, Vartiter, very humbly replied, “I have become a medical doctor.” He paused for a minute, turned to me and said, “and you?” “And I, a teacher,” I said.

He proudly embraced us. He turned to my sister and respectfully acknowledged her achievements. Then turning to me, he showered me with kind words of wisdom and shared his happiness about my choice. In his mind, my sister had done well, but I did better, because I was going to “cultivate the next generation.”

Nazik Kotcholosian Messerlian, Fresno