Letters to the Editor

The dangers of subjective reality

It is nice that Unitarian Universalists, as presented by Tim Kutzmark (March 5) plan an “open-hearted church in Fresno.”

However, with all due dignity and respect, claiming to believe in reason, while rejecting absolute truth, is a logical fallacy that is fundamentally incoherent. Any claim to reject absolute truth is self-refuting and defeating argumentation, according to the universally accepted Aristotelian Law of Non-Contradiction. Such a position is typical post-modern subjective reality that is synonymous with chaos, and arguably the most viral problem of the present era.

No one gets to create his or her own truth. Building a belief system on such incoherent, irrational premises is foundationally futile and not worthy of serious consideration. Syncretism voids rationality and logic, obscuring truth. Embracing conflicting truth claims in order to “experience a religion that is open-minded and open-hearted” only closes minds to ultimate truth and will eventually harden hearts to it.

Stewart Hough, Madera