Letters to the Editor

My vote is for Clint Olivier

The Bee editorial “Arambula is best fit for Assembly District 31” is your view. My view as a constituent is that Clint Olivier, as the councilman for District 7, has a caring eye and he is the best candidate for the Assembly.

Maybe you are not aware of all he has accomplished for our district and his willingness to be of assistance to people outside of his district. He has knocked on doors, made phone calls, made personal appearances at the Senior Adult School (Manchester Mall) and is available for any problem that is of concern.

As long as I have lived in District 7, going on over 50 years, no other councilman has shown the interest that Olivier has for his constituents. He puts our water needs above the high-speed rail project that will not be ready until 2025. Water is what is needed now!

As a conservative Republican and loyal customer of The Bee, I am thankful for freedom of the press and freedom of speech. Just my opinion.

Paula Moran, Fresno