Letters to the Editor

Recalling Fulton and dragging The Main

If you ever saw “American Graffiti,” that was Fresno when I was young. We had Fulton Street, or as we called it, “The Main.” By day, everybody came downtown; that’s where everything was – W.T. Grant, F. W. Woolworth, J.C. Penny, and the Warnors, Crest and Hardy’s theaters. At night, that’s where the young people went to drag the main.

We met people from all the schools in Fresno, made many friends, some even married later on in life. That’s all gone now, and it will never come back, although I wish it would. Fresno had the great idea to rip it up and create Fulton Mall. Most of us did not really know what a mall was, but we found out.

Everything since has moved north and is still moving. Now you are going to rip out the mall and put a street just like the one you ripped up and it’s going to bring people downtown? That’s what I call spending money on nothing.

Why? There’s nothing there anymore.

Robert Hill, Madera Ranchos