Letters to the Editor

Letter: Support Kid’s Day and Valley Children’s Hospital

Since 1952, Valley Children’s Hospital has been the light of hope for children and parents throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

On Tuesday, March 8, Valley streets will once again be filled with Kid’s Day volunteers. Friends and neighbors who epitomize selfless service by graciously giving from their hearts for the benefit of children they may never know.

Fundraising is a humbling and inspiring experience. I have seen that, in its purest form, the unconditional gift flows quietly from the giver. Grace lives in that wondrous act.

Just imagine the message we could send future generations and the world by once again breaking a Kid’s Day record of giving with single acts of kindness.

I ask everyone to consider giving a gift and join the flow. A gift in any amount is a single act of kindness that truly does great good and has a ripple effect that spreads quickly. Please take the opportunity Tuesday to toss a pebble of kindness into the pond of giving, make a ripple of difference and join the grace.

Valley Children’s remains our safe castle on the hill continuing to help our precious children heal and meet their dreams of better days and brighter futures.

John Salenik, Fresno