Letters to the Editor

Climate-change believers include GOP

With the news that the governor is open to putting a price on greenhouse gas pollution, I hope that we are not looking forward to the usual political and media claims that efforts to fight climate change belong solely to the political left.

Citizens Climate lobby includes former Republican Congressman Bob Inglis, and Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state, George Schulz. Both of these icons of conservative politics recognize the need to act in the interest of the United States in fighting climate change.

They are not alone – GOP Rep. Chris Gibson of New York has introduced House Resolution 424 specifically calling on Republicans to act on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, and even Newt Gingrich has said, at an event sponsored by Politico, that “anyone who underestimates the impact of humans on the planet is just kidding themselves.”

This has been turned into a political issue by special interests who have pumped money into the system. This shouldn’t be, and it needn’t be. If these conservative figures can face the facts and urge action, then certainly conservative citizens can do the same.

Matt Armstrong, Fresno