Letters to the Editor

Protest Clovis water rate hikes

Every resident of Clovis has been put on notice that a water rate increase is being considered. We can protest, but we better do it fast because the city plans to rush it through and make it effective July 1.

Homeowners have had to reduce water usage by 36 percent to save the city from a state penalty. We have done that at a cost of dead lawns, dead trees, dead plants and stinky toilets.

But many commercial users continue to use all the water they want. You can find sprinklers going full blast. Large homes have lovely green grass and healthy shrubs. Schools are the worst users of all.

To add insult to injury, the proposed rate hike has little affect on the commercial user or large lot owner or schools. To twist the knife a bit more, the increase includes an additional 3 percent increase per year into eternity with no public oversight.

Citizens of Clovis, stand up for your rights and mail in your protest.

Steve Teal, Clovis