Letters to the Editor

Drought is real, so is inaction

Nature’s drought is or was real. Our human solutions to improve this solvable problem were and are an unbelievable failure of inaction. What has or has not occurred is criminal. Both the Legislature and voters are accountable.

The El Niño predictions correctly stated that we would receive more snow and rain – our Legislature responded with “study” solutions. Not one shovel in the ground to improve storage. A huge amount of water is being lost to the ocean.

Residents must ask themselves, did I do my part? Please contact our Sacramento politicians and demand answers and action. Water absolutely equates to life. Our Valley feeds a large portion of humanity – that is changing.

If you are not familiar with the effort of Rep. Devin Nunes – his reports must become mandatory reading. Our Valley does not need to return to its original desert environment.

Donald Klein, Fresno