Letters to the Editor

Do math on proposed Clovis water rates

The letter sent to city of Clovis residents, regarding the water rate increase proposal, is very misleading. It states the rate increase will be small. The increase is to make up for the reduced use of water by residents. Clovis residents have cut water consumption approximately 25 percent. My question: Why is the city increasing my cost, and the cost of my neighbors’ water 60-80 percent?

This is obviously a money grab by the city. I urge all Clovis residents to send in a protest letter to the Clovis city clerk. Follow the instructions in the letter from the city. You can also attend the public hearing April 11. If the proposal passes, it will not be uncommon to see your bi-monthly utility service bill increase dramatically.

This is an enormous, unjustified increase. The bi-monthly increase for hookup is 25 percent. The removal of the 0-10 Tier 1 rate is where the city gets its windfall profit, and gouges the public. Please do the math.

Bob Cline, Clovis