Letters to the Editor

Not too late to save Fulton Mall

Do we really need another Blackstone Avenue?

Downtown restoration of the Fulton Mall can still happen without a road adding more pollution and taking away an urban park setting.

It’s too bad the mayor sold this bad idea to some Fresnans as the only option for downtown revitalization. We could have it all – small unique businesses, clubs and restaurants; mixed-use venues, a farmer’s market, trams and more while keeping the mall.

And there’s no current plan for free parking if the road goes through. You can help: Lawsuits are underway and a federal appeal is being filed. Please donate: 1000 Friends of Fresno, 4781 E. Gettysburg, Fresno 93726. Notate on checks: “Save the Mall.” Further information is at www.crowdrise.com/helpsavethefultonmall.

Dixie Salazar, Fresno