Letters to the Editor

Republican voters deserve better

In a Feb. 27 column, Andrew Fiala lamented the lack of civility in today’s self-absorbed culture. We should all take note and modify our behavior accordingly.

That includes the surviving GOP presidential candidates who, with the exception of John Kasich and Dr. Ben Carson, continue to diminish their personal stature and political credibility by behaving like the playground bully or like obnoxious schoolboys.

Imagine Abraham Lincoln, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, John McCain, any of the Bushes (including Jeb), or even Richard Nixon, lowering themselves to this level of tastelessness bordering on scurrility. Yet these practitioners of the rhetoric of denunciation and insult have not dropped out of the race for lack of supporters. On the contrary, they are the top three candidates! And one of them will become the GOP nominee for the presidency.

Don’t these men have the maturity and good judgment to realize that their juvenile tactics could backfire and prompt supporters to change their minds and vote for Hillary Clinton, who has maintained at least a veneer of civility and respect for Bernie Sanders? The American people deserve better.

John Beversluis, Fresno