Letters to the Editor

New water for ag requires new rules

I don’t have enough friends where I can have them arguing, especially in public. I have the greatest respect for Manuel Cunha, Mario Santoya and Steve Worthley (story Feb. 18), but, they are missing the boat by opposing the “water not train” ballot initiative.

We are not going to get new water until we change the rules. Mr. Cunha is defending dams that will be built, hopefully soon. But, look at how hard it is to fill the dams we already have. We have 125 percent normal rainfall after four years of drought.

Look at how hard it is to fill the reservoirs we already have when the dams, canals and pumps are ready to go. What good is it to build new dams until we change the rules and allow those dams to be filled?

We need everyone pulling together. We need Mr. Cunha, Mr. Santoya and Mr. Worthley to succeed with their work. We need Rep. Devin Nunes to succeed with his Dead Harvest crusade. We need Rep. David Valadao’s bills to get through Congress. We need Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s help.

But, the bottom line is we need to change the rules. This new initiative will do just that.

Paul H. Betancourt, Kerman