Letters to the Editor

Don’t change: ‘I love the mall’

I love the mall. And I hate the idea of spending all that money for something that can’t work. How can on-street parking for two or three cars in front of a business make it successful? And how can just another street be any kind of answer?

Not only did the city abandon the Fulton Mall as soon as it was built, it has continued to neglect the area. The alleys behind the mall businesses should have been developed so people could drive along and see where they wanted to park and do their main business – quickly if they wish. Or they could walk out onto the mall and find the pleasant, shady sitting/playing area and then walk along to see what else is available.

Here’s an idea for parking: Set the meters and the lot pricing to allow the first hour free. Redesign the street pattern and signs so people can find their way downtown. I don’t believe a good-faith effort has been made to make our downtown work with the mall as its famous and lovely centerpiece.

Nancy Waidtlow, Fresno