Letters to the Editor

Trump followers fear change

The editorial board of The Collegian at Fresno State created a stir when they compared the candidacy of Donald Trump to one of the most feared politician of all times, Adolf Hitler of Germany.

True, both used the themes of attacking the minorities, race-baiting, and unfortunately appealing to a mostly Christian white audience fearful of fast-changing social mores.

In the United States, the combined so-called minorities are the new majority. Trump seems to be on his way to getting the nomination for president from the Republican Party. When he becomes the Republican Party’s nominee, it is up to the electorate to ask questions and be informed.

Although the opinion of The Collegian has received attention, this is no reason for donors to stop contributing to Fresno State educational and athletic programs. Joseph Castro, the Fresno State president, was right to cite free speech.

Trump was also compared to Adolf Hitler by a surviving member of Anne Frank’s family.

Frank T. Ward, Fresno