Letters to the Editor

Thumbs up to The Collegian

I want to commend The Collegian for its apt and, in this area anyway, courageous editorial comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Despite protests from such as Jerry Duncan and one W.A. Combs, any thinking person could see how the comparison works.

Hitler blamed Jews and communists for all Germany’s ills. Trump wants to “make America great again” by shipping 11.5 million people out of this country and severely restricting the rights of Muslims, blaming them for all our problems.

Trump touts his faith to evangelicals he’s courting by misstating the title of a chapter of the Bible. Hitler invaded the Soviet Union to “save the world for Christianity.” I’ve not seen any indication either was a regular churchgoer.

Hitler brooked no opposition. Those who spoke against him were quickly silenced. Trump has his own group of thugs (minus the brown shirts, swastika armbands and jackboots) who immediately remove anyone who has the temerity to interrupt one of his rallies. Admittedly, Trump;s boys apparently don’t beat the protesters, but free speech seems to be limited to Trump himself. Those who oppose him are bullied and ridiculed.

The Collegian just said aloud what many have been whispering for months.

Dean Simpson Jr., Visalia