Letters to the Editor

Beware of a Trump imperial presidency

What we are witnessing this election year will be remembered as a defining moment in our history.

While Donald Trump may be several things unsavory, he is not stupid. Americans as a whole are dissatisfied with government. However, where we see the broken promises of a broken system and a Congress beholden to corporate money, Donald Trump sees opportunity. He sees our anger and disgust as a chance to get elected to the most powerful office in the land.

By also playing to our deepest fears and oldest prejudices, the Donald has positioned himself to win the Republican nomination for the presidency. A Trump presidency would be a disaster of biblical proportions.

For decades, Congress has ceded more and more of its constitutionally delegated powers to the executive branch, essentially giving the office of the presidency more power than the king we separated from in 1776.

Are we truly ready for his Majesty King Donald? I for one, am not. A Trump presidency would be the greatest threat the Constitution and Bill of Rights have ever faced. A man of such vanity and low character would destroy the fabric of America forever.

Jared Dean, Fresno