Letters to the Editor

Hope Now for Youth deserves your support

I was invited to the annual banquet/fundraiser for Hope Now for Youth. This nonprofit has a great way of helping gang members get out of the gang life and into society. They teach them to be good dependable workers, fathers and men of integrity and faith. Every testimony was awesome.

Pastor Roger Feenstra, the executive director, said it was surprising how many people in Fresno knew nothing about this program. It has helped over 2,000 gang members get out of gangs and plug into society over the past 23 years.

If you are an individual, church or any business in Fresno, I would encourage you to investigate this program and help any way you can.

Need help around the house during spring cleaning? Call Hope Now for Youth.

I also challenge any business in Fresno to get involved by hiring these young men and giving them a second chance to live in our city with their heads held high and walking in the faith as an example to all.

Dana Bobbitt, Fresno