Letters to the Editor

Students: Bush led invasions, too

I can understand the naive youngsters comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. However, what they probably have never thought of is the fact they have been living with Hitler since 2001.

His name is George W. Bush. Using a set of orchestrated lies, he talked the American people into invading the sovereign country of Iraq. He led the attack on the sovereign country of Afghanistan under the pretense of looking for Osama bin Laden.

Unless my memory fails me, this is exactly the action Hitler took when he invaded Yugoslavia and continued his attack upon sovereign countries one after another.

Our attack upon Iraq and Afghanistan destroyed their infrastructure, their government and killed hundreds of thousands of people. It has led to Iranian influence in Iraq as well as a strengthened al-Qaida and ISIS. The Taliban still runs Afghanistan.

If these students at Fresno State want to find Hitler, just let them take a look at our history.

Oscar Williams, Fresno