Letters to the Editor

Collegian editorial is typical liberal ploy

The Fresno State Collegian student paper recently published an opinion piece accusing presidential candidate Donald Trump of being a racist and bigot and being like Adolf Hitler.

Racism is defined as believing, without scientific basis, that one race is superior to another; and bigotry means hating a particular group without rational cause. Simply because Trump proposes enforcing our immigration laws and limiting Muslim immigration until ISIS terrorism is contained does not make him a racist or bigot. And, there is no comparison to Hitler’s genocidal extermination of the Jews.

The use of such derogatory terms like racist and bigot, and comparisons to Hitler, are typical liberal ploys to destroy anyone who disagrees with liberal dogma. And, in effect, Fresno State has taken a partisan political position by allowing such propaganda to be published.

The California State University system is partially supported by the federal government, which gets its money from our income taxes. It is ludicrous that we citizens should be forced to financially support liberal education institutions that publish defamatory partisan accusations against political candidates.

Obie R. Silverwood, Sanger