Letters to the Editor

Check out ways to save water

I want to thank Rep. Jim Costa for his piece in The Fresno Bee on Feb. 21. While he gives an overview on what state and federal officials can do to secure water for the Central Valley, the solution is not up to government alone. Residents must also take action at the local level.

Lasting and immediate impacts come from personal changes we make where we use water the most – our homes. Local leaders have taken the initiative by approving PACE financing in many local communities in the region. The largest residential PACE financing provider, the HERO program, has saved California billions of gallons of water in just the last couple of years by helping homeowners install drought-resistant landscaping, artificial turf lawns and water-efficient appliances.

We encourage state and federal regulators to continue their actions to find solutions to our drought, but we cannot wait on these regulation alone; we must take advantage of programs and solutions already in place.

Doug Hatmaker, owner of Waterless Grass and Greens, Fresno