Letters to the Editor

Senate role is to advise and consent

Dean Christensen, in his letter of Feb. 23, fails to give us the full picture in the context of Republican reluctance to entertain a nominee to the Supreme Court by Barack Obama.

First, although it may be President Obama’s constitutional prerogative to nominate a potential justice to replace Scalia, Mr. Christensen apparently misses the part of the Constitution that provides for the Senate to “advise and consent” in this regard. Just as Obama has the prerogative to nominate, the Constitution also provides for the Senate to reject any nominee. Given Obama’s dismal history for nomination of anyone for any position, Republicans are wise to give pause here.

Second, exposing the hypocrisy on the Democratic liberal side, we find that both Barack Obama, when he was a senator, and Sen. Chuck Schumer have been found to espouse that a Republican president should have no business nominating or having anyone confirmed for the same position in an election year.

So, let’s have a full and open debate with all facts on the table – not just half the story.

Gregory L. Bacchetti, Fresno