Letters to the Editor

Bullet train segment is $1,262.63 per inch

The Fresno Bee editorial (Feb. 23) regarding the decision to end the first rail segment in Northern California ignored important facts. As the editorial stated, politics between the desires of Southern and Northern Californian legislators will certainly muddy the waters. But the fact remains that this boondoggle is insane.

The Bee stated that the cost of 250 miles to serve the Valley and Bay Area would be $20 billion. Assuming no cost overruns that track would cost $80 million per mile or $15,151.52 per foot.

The Bee mentioned the “geologically tricky Tehachapi Mountains” and difficulty of tunneling through that range for the southern route. Ask yourself if you really want to be riding on a train at bullet speed through long stretches of tunnels in a geologically tricky earthquake fault-laden zone.

The leaders who have pushed this effort will get to the point where the funding has dried up and then they will turn to us and tell us that we have come this far so there is no sense stopping. If this project had any merit from a business sense private enterprise would fund it.

Think about it, $1,262.63 per inch!

Bill Atwood, Bass Lake