Letters to the Editor

Worry, too, about Trump’s followers

I want to remark on the Fresno State student newspaper finding Donald Trump’s appeal to our fearful, xenophobic natures nearly identical to Hitler’s screaming speeches to his German public saying their problems would be solved if the Jews and the communists were rounded up and killed as soon as possible.

The cheers following such pronouncements to me sound eerily like the screams of excitement and pleasure every time Mr. Trump suggests deporting families who’ve been here for decades, keeping out families whose women wear scarves of modesty, and pointing out that he could shoot someone and still be a hero to his public!

Is it Mr. Trump or is it the sad, feeling-cheated folks listening to him in uneducated awe, mindless and ignorant of history, who most eerily call to mind possibly the worst decades in the history of the world – 1935-1945?

Sylvia Woodburne, Fresno