Letters to the Editor

Collegian staff embarrasses fellow students

As a Fresno State student, I am embarrassed.

The Collegian is giving students and young adults, an all-around bad name by publishing awful attention-grabbers like the “Sieg Heil” article likening Donald Trump to Hitler.

Maybe the small-time paper needs to attract readers with an outlandish headline (mission accomplished), but the article itself was just awful, providing nothing more than a slippery-slope forecast of genocide, lynchings and internment camps that a high school freshman might think was edgy and in your face.

The newspaper staff might defend the publication by citing “freedom of speech” rights, but the truth is that they aren’t the ones affected by this celebrated stupidity. Also affected are the students and the youth who are being misrepresented by the loud and hyper-opinionated.

The Collegian has, no doubt, learned a thing or two from Trump by creating such outlandish statements. Maybe next time its editorial board finds its reader base dwindling, it can cry “Hitler” again.

Brandon Cazares, Fresno