Letters to the Editor

Trump-Clinton conspiracy is bunk

A recent comment by a conservative commentator suggested that Donald Trump was running for president to help get Hillary Clinton elected. His logic was that Trump had contributed money to her previous campaigns presumably because he has a fondness for Clinton.

This convoluted logic is propaganda to influence conservative voters to for candidates other than Trump. Many businesses contribute money to both parties.

Paying millions of dollars to get another person elected would suggest that Trump is probably one of the most altruistic candidates to ever run for president. The reason he is running is because he has achieved everything in business to which he has ever aspired. At his age, there is nothing more to accomplish in business.

His next goal is to get elected to the ultimate power position. He then could go off into the sunset knowing he did it all. Yes, he may want to recreate America with a new business model, but don’t minimize self-interest and ego.

Gary Dashjian, Clovis