Letters to the Editor

Three ironies of Clovis dress code

I find three great ironies in maintaining the Clovis Unified School District dress code. First, several proponents say it is needed to show students the importance of following rules.

The irony is that the one-vote school board majority is refusing to follow California law requiring a gender-neutral dress code. Are grown-ups exempt from the rules?

Second, I suspect that many of the proponents are not fans of the American Civil Liberties Union. Assuming the school board does not amend its dress code to comply with state law, it is ironic that the district will pay a considerable amount of money to the ACLU in attorney fees and court costs when the district loses in court.

Third, assuming that a high percentage of the proponents are Christians, I also find it ironic that if the traditionally portrayed Jesus were a student in the Clovis school district, he would not be allowed to attend school due to his hair length.

This latter point illustrates that it is not the length of a student’s hair, but the character of the student that makes the difference.

Howard K. Watkins, Fresno